Stadt Landshut
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Landshut - Tradition and Progress

Impressive Medieval Scenery
Impressive Medieval Scenery (Photo: Klaus Leidorf)

Landshut, a city known for its 800-year history, its architectural monuments and its art treasures, is not only talked about concerning its historical past. As a business location, the City of Landshut is a powerful, competitive and future-orientated investment area in the heart of Lower Bavaria.
The upper administrative center Landshut (60 kilometres northeast of Munich) is the administrative and economic heart of Lower Bavaria with its seat of government and many major companies. In the city area of Landshut live 63.000 inhabitants. About 420.000 inhabitants live in the surrounding areas and are economically orientated to the regional government seat of Landshut. The importance of the regional capital is still increasing due to the fact that the dynamic sphere of the urban agglomeration Munich continues to grow.
Landshut is a winner as the city lies within the catchment area of the Munich airport and it gains from this regional development and expansion. The business location Landshut provides attractive development or trade areas with optimum conditions for investors. The members of Landshut’s administration are particularly committed to promoting the city’s economic development and therefore they provide good conditions for all the investors’ individual requirements or plans.

It is the objective of the city to achieve further employments and to ensure the economic strength within the region, because this will enable the municipality to react efficiently to the situational requirements and challenges of today.

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