Stadt Landshut
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Landshut – The City with the Strongest Economic Power

Casting "Lost Foam" of the BMW GROUP in Landshut
Casting "Lost Foam" of the BMW GROUP in Landshut (Photo: Harry Zdera)

The greater area of Landshut has experienced, economically speaking, a strongly positive development in the past three decades, in which a broad industrial and trade-related mixed structure was generated. Regarding new commercial areas, Landshut’s municipality continues to work towards a balanced mixture of industries and trades, as a priority in the medium-range view.

Besides well-known global players in the manufacturing and service sector, there are powerful, innovative small and medium-sized businesses which form the economic backbone of the city. Powerful medium-sized enterprises and handicrafts shape the economic structure. Investments in research and development have therefore not only been made by large enterprises.

Optimal Access to International Economic Regions

  • Trade Fair Park with its Own Hall for Events
  • Ideal Industrial-Handicraft Mixed Business Structure
  • Fast Highway Junctions to the German Autobahn A92 (Munich-Passau)
  • Popular Attraction Points of Regional Shopping with Pedestrianized Long Shopping Street "Altstadt", Shopping Arcades and Shopping Malls
  • Excellent University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule)
  • Commercial Real Estates (Purchase and Rental) in Prime Locations

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