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Business and Lifestyle

Town Hall (Photo: Harry Zdera)
Town Hall (Photo: Harry Zdera)

There is always something going on in Landshut

Indulge in a great variety of Landshut’s cultural offers with countless events and let yourself be fascinated by the city’s scenes of rich history! Every four years takes place the greatest European historic festival of the "Royal Wedding" = "Landshuter Hochzeit", where nearly 2,000 citizens of Landshut celebrate with all the marvellous splendour of the late Middle Ages when the duke "Herzog Georg der Reiche" married the Polish King’s daughter Hedwig in 1475.
Landshut’s days of court music, days of literature, concerts, art exhibitions, museums and theatres enhance one’s lifestyle. With the opening of more theatres and museums, such as the museum of sculptures "Skulpturenmuseum", which includes the art collection of the worldwide known Professor Fritz Koenig, an important museum’s concept of the municipality could be realised. A further step will be the renovation and expansion of the Ducal Residence, the first Renaissance palace north of the Alps, as a distinguished museum location. Imposing monuments and historic sights belong to the daily life such as the medieval city scenery with its most picturesque places.
All the numerous churches, monasteries and convents of the town are immeasurably rich in treasures with stucco works and painted ceiling frescos. The Landshut Dominican Church, as an example, is among the most magnificent creations of Bavarian baroque. The unique Basilica St Martin has the highest bricks steeple of the world and is – besides the Castle Trausnitz – one of the landmarks of the hilly region of Lower Bavaria which is also known as "Lower Bavarian Tuscany."

Living in Landshut

Working an Leisure Activities (Photos: Harry Zdera)
Working an Leisure Activities (Photos: Harry Zdera)

Housing Land in the City of Landshut

Living in Landshut has become very attractive: The municipality of Landshut provides housing land or development sites – only 20 minutes away from Munich airport. The historical capital of Lower Bavaria offers real estate which is stable in value. According to all the forecasts Landshut’s district belongs to the growth regions with the best prospects for a solid and stable property market. The high population increase from January 2005 (60.545 inhabitants) to September 2010 (63.000) speaks for itself. There is urban residential land for single and double houses. Furthermore, land for terraced houses and apartment buildings can be offered by the municipality, too. A vision, especially for families: the residential districts Wolfgangsiedlung-North and Auloh are splendid resettlement areas.
Landshut offers immediately available, already developed land, good locations, excellent public transport and other transport links, such as the public transport system ÖPNV, highways, splendid living environments (green areas, many modern sport arenas, tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball field, ice hockey, skating hall, riding halls, cycle tracks, swimming possibilities, sporting clubs and many more leisure facilities), kindergartens and schools nearby, facilities for daily needs, i.e. an outstanding infrastructure.

Contacts of the City of Landshut


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