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Landshut’s Cycle Routes: discover Landshut by bike

Landshut’s Cycle Routes: discover Landshut by bike

For the inhabitants of Landshut the bike is the second most important method of transport: if the season and the weather are favourable, up to 30% of journeys are completed by bike. Thanks to the enthusiasm of many Landshut cyclists the town won second prize in the 2009 national “Town cycling” competition in the category “the most active cycling town with the most cycled kilometres” and won first prize in the category “Most active cycling local parliament”. These awards show just how significant cycling already is to the inhabitants of the town and its politics. Indeed, an important aspect of the traffic politics in Landshut is the promotion of environmentally friendly methods of transport: walking, cycling and public transport. Every year steps are taken to improve the safety and convenience of the town’s cycle routes. For example, in 2011 as part of the resurfacing of the Johannisstraße, the road surface was widened and cycle lanes were designated in both directions of travel.

Landshut’s Cycle Routes: quickly, easily and safely through Landshut by bike

In addition to the extension of the existing network of cycle paths, an important task is the creation of continuous, attractive cycle routes within the town boundaries. These routes connect different areas within the town, as well as Landshut with the neighbouring communities in Altdorf, Ergolding and Kumhausen. Five of the 14 routes begin in the town centre. They form a star shape from the edge of Landshut or from neighbouring towns leading into the city centre.

The routes mainly avoid large roads and are in 30 limit areas, along the river or through the park. On busy roads a separate cycle lane is marked. Particular care is taken that crossings and junctions are planned so that cyclists remain clearly visible to drivers.

The town cycle routes can be found on the interactive map: www.landshut.de/stadtteil-radrouten
For each route can be printed in the form of a pdf (see above). We are continually seeking to improve these routes and ensure a direct, safe and easy journey. We welcome any information or suggestions regarding the routes (eg. Location of the routes, parallel routes, deficits, is something unnecessary…?). These can be sent to tiefbauamt(at)landshut.de

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