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Emergency Telephone Numbers

Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Patient transport




Poison Hotline

089 - 192 40

On callservice

In cases in which it is not necessary to call an ambulance, the on call service can help. This hotline can give advice Bavaria-wide on health problems arising outside the opening hours of doctors and pharmacies.

116 117

Emergency fax

People with a speech or hearing impediment can contact the emergency services by FAXon 112.
Templates for an emergency fax can be downloaded here:

template emergencyfax (PDF-Datei, *.pdf)

template emergenyfax (Word-Datei, *.doc)


ILS Landshut

Sigmund-Schwarz-Str. 1
84028 Landshut
Tel.: 0871 - 96 57 71 50
Fax: 0871 - 96 57 71 40

Making an emergency call correctly

The call handler who takes your emergency call needs the following information ("W" questions):

Precise description of the location in which help is required (e.g. district, street, house number and floor, particularities about entrances through yards, type of road, direction of travel, distance in kilometres as indicated on roads, train lines and rivers.
What has happened?
A short but precise description of the situation (what has happened, what can you see?) The call handler must be able to recognise what kind of help is required.
Howmanypeopleneed help?
Which injuries or signs of illness do the people who need help have?
Who is calling?

Details of the person making the call (name, location, telephone contact details)
In conclusion, you should wait for further questions from the call handler. He or she will end the call.

After youhavemade an emergency call:
Help others, but do not put yourself at risk!
Wait for the emergency services on the road (if possible)!
Help theemergencyservices to find the people who need help!


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