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The Town Hall Ceremonial Room

Town Hall Ceremonial Room

Since medieval times the first floor of the central building has been dominated by the magnificent Ceremonial Room. During the Landshuter Hochzeit of 1475 (the wedding of Hedwig, the Polish princess and Duke Georg the Rich) the room was used for the wedding dance and it was here that the noble ladies leaned out of the windows to watch the tournament held in the Altstadt below. 400 years later the town authorities commissioned the famous architect Georg Hauberrisser to remodel the room in a neo-Gothic style.

The room hecreated is one of the most impressive examples of the decorative artwork of the late 19th Century. The necessary monies were authorised by the fairy tale monarch himself, King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The massive wooden architecture of the ceiling reaches up into the attic of the house, revealing the steep slant of the roof. The ceiling is decorated with the coats of arms of important families. Carved faces projecting out into the room remind of the gargoyles on Gothic cathedrals. The wooden pillars supporting the rear balcony are also decorated with coats of arms. The mighty bronze chandelier and the elaborately tiled fireplace, a fine example of Landshut's pottery tradition, both add to the splendid atmosphere. Even the wooden panelling and the door fittings form part of the work of art as a whole.

And all this before the visitor has properly admired the real wonder of the room: the paintings around the walls.

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Opening Times

Monday - Friday
2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m.

In the case of events or rehearsals the room is not open to the public

Town Hall Ceremonial Room

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