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As in other cities the average rent prices are published.

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In all apartments and houses meters are installed to see how much of the commodities are consumed. At the end of the year one will get a bill showing how much was used throughout the year. The monthly downpayment is based on the annual consumption of the previous year. All citizens of Landshut have to register either at the customer center «Kundenzentrum der Stadtwerke» when they move in or online at

Necessary documents for the registration are:

  • the residency document from the Einwohnermeldeamt
  • the meter readings of electricity, water and gas
  • the bank account number for direct debit authorisation

Heating costs depend on the consumption. For this reason there is a meter to measure how much is used from the central heating system. The central heating must not be turned off completely during vacation in winter. The flat has to be kept at a moderate temperature throughout the cold season to prevent freezing.

For TV and radio one has to pay a certain fee to access them. This fee has to be paid to the GEZ , forms can be found at most banks. Online service is available at For a cable connection one can contact the local cable company through most TV-shops.
The unemployed, disabled, welfare recipients, low-income earners, students, apprentices, and pensioners can apply for an exemption from the fees for TV and radio. Applications should be made to the GEZ; forms can be collected from the Sozialamt.

The statutes of garbage define to separate the trash different pieces. The different pieces are:


  • paper and board
  • glass
  • packages (yellow bag)
  • "green waste" (vegetable scraps, bread leftovers, coffee grounds and tea leaves, flowers)
  • old clothes and shoes
  • remaining garbage

The remaining garbage in the grey bins will be collected every 2 weeks, the „yellow bag“ with the packages every 3 weeks.

Paper, boards, glass, green waste, old clothes and shoes have to be cleaned up in special containers. For paper there are in some houses blue paper bins.

Bulky waste and special waste have to be delivered in the "Wertstoff- und Entsorgungszentrum". These are pieces of furniture, bigger objects or those, which contain poison, for example fridges and varnish. Batteries are special waste too. They can be often delivered to supermarkets or electric shops in special bins.

More on the subject garbage one will get in the "Umweltfibel", which is distributed every year to all households of the town. You can also get it in the Town Hall. There is a Turkish edited version too.


  • Notice of moving at the «Bürgerbüro» (one has to appear in person with the new rental agreement)
  • Read gas, electricity and water meter and register at the «Stadtwerke»
  • Register television and radio at the «GEZ»
  • Contract insurance (household insurance/«Haushaltsversicherung»)
  • Inform bank, insurance, «Arbeitsamt» and public authorities «Behörden» about the change of address via mail
  • Register new address at the post office (forwarding request if needed)

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