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Apart from "general practitioners"«Allgemeinärzte» there are medical "specialists" «Fachärzte», like oculists, dermatologists or paediatricians.
In case of illness the first doctor to consult is the „general practitioner“ «Hausarzt», although one can also consult a specialist right away. Practitioners have set consultation hours to tend to their patients. It is recommended to make an appointment. Names and addresses can be found in the telephone directory and the yellow pages «Gelbe Seiten».
Besides examinations of acute illnesses, regular precautionary examinations and especially dental examinations for young children are recommended.
Once in every quarter year one has to pay 10 Euros medical charges at the first medical treatment. Bank transfer is not additionally charged.

U1 - U15

  • Regular preventiv medical checkup from birth to adolecence
  • This severs early diagnosis of diseases
  • Checking the normal development of children
  • All examinations will be documented in the yellow booklet
  • Supervision of vaccination
  • For free and optional, but beneficial!

Up to the age of 18 children and adolescents are basically excluded from all further payments and charges of clinical surgeries. There are no charges for dental checkups twice a year.
Prevention, early detection checkups, U1 to U15 and protective vaccinations are also free of charge.

Doctors, health insurers and local health offices give advice on vaccinations, especially for babies and small children.

Medicines can only be bought in Germany at pharmacies «Apotheken». Most medicines require a prescription from a doctor. The drugs needed, are written down on a prescription «Rezept» by the doctor and taken to the pharmacy by the patient. The pharmacist issues the medicines. A nominal fee is paid for each drug depending on the cost of each medicine. Low-income households are exempted from paying these fees. The exemption can be obtained from the health insurer. Some painkillers, such as headache tablets, are available at pharmacies without a prescription.
Private patients must pay the full price of the medicines and then claim this money back from their insurer.
There is always at least one pharmacy open in every area day and night. This is called the «Notdienst». In rural communities people may have to travel to the nearest village or town. The addresses of the pharmacies on duty on specific days are listed in local newspapers under «Apotheken-Notdienst». All pharmacies state on a sign which pharmacy near by is open on which day.

There are three hospitals in Landshut. Usually patients will be admitted to the hospitals by their doctor. The costs will be covered by health insurance funds although patients will be charged for a share of the costs. Tip: If there are problems with communication in the local hospital of Landshut the staff of the hospital can be consulted as translators. About 20 different mother tongues are spoken there.

Questions relating to HIV or AIDS can be answered by your GP, at your local health off ice or at special clinics and advice centers. Condoms (in German referred to as «Kondome», «Preservativ» or «Pariser») are available in supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, at many petrol stations and in vending machines in some public toilets. 030/76900870 is the national advice center´s number. All calls are dealt with discretion and callers remain anonymous.

The addiction counselling centers give support and offer information about addiction and answer questions concerning addiction. Addicts and their relatives can get information and counselling about alcohol, medication, drug problems, eating disorders as well as gambling, internet addiction and workaholics. One can get counselling for short and simple questions as well as for cases that seem hopeless. The counselling is without cost and is confidential.
Here you can find a list of all doctors in Landshut, who speak a foreign language.

Bezirkskrankenhaus Landshut, Psychische Krise

Prof. Buchner-Str. 22
84034 Landshut
Tel.: 0871 - 6 00 80

Kinderkrankenhaus St. Marien

Grillparzerstraße 9
84036 Landshut
Tel.: 0871 - 85 20
Fax: 0871 - 2 12 30InternetauftrittBeschreibung

Klinikum Landshut

Robert-Koch-Straße 1
84034 Landshut
Tel.: 0871 - 6 98-0
Fax: 0871 - 6 98 31 04

Kreiskrankenhaus Achdorf

Achdorfer Weg 3
84036 Landshut
Tel.: 0871 - 40 40
Fax: 0871 - 4 04 16 62

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