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Emergency and Help

If one needs a doctor on a weekend or in the night one can call the emergency line «Ärztlichen Notdienst». In a serious case such as an accident at home requiring urgent help one has to call the emergency doctor «Notarzt». If a pharmacy is needed during nonbusiness- hours one can check in the newspaper to see which pharmacy is on emergency duty «Notdienst» under the section «Landshut Heute» in «Landshuter Zeitung».
On the motorway «Autobahn» there are orange colored phones by which one can report accidents or a breakdown on. One can easiliy find the closest one by looking at the black and white road markers. Small arrows are pointing in the direction of the nearest phone. One can also always dial 110 from any cell phone.


Whenever one calls an emergency line one will be asked first for the phone number and address to ensure that the call is not a hoax.

Thereafter one will be asked the following questions:

1. Where did it happen?
2. What happened?
3. How many people are hurt?
4. How are they hurt?
5. Then wait for further instructions.


Emergency - call

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