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Culture and Leisure

Like in most countries one can find sport teams in clubs, «Verein» here in Germany. In Landshut there is a wide range of different sport clubs one can join. However, to participate in sports activities of a club one has to register first. Many clubs ask for a personal meeting in order to get to know people first.
An overview of all clubs in Landshut is listed here.
The EBW and the VHS also have sport programs to offer, for example senior gymnastics, nordic walking, or mother-child gymnastics.

Besides private schools the city music school offers tuition for all sorts of instruments in small groups and individual lessons. Classes are available for both beginners and advanced students.
In the advertisement section of the «Landshuter Zeitung», «Landshut Aktuell» and in the «Wochenblatt» one can find offers of private persons for music lessons. If one likes singing there is the opportunity to sing in a choir normally run by the church. Children and teens who like to play music can participate in these programs at school.

Arts and crafts are some of the favourite free time activities for many people in Germany. If one likes cooking, painting or photography one can find activities in these fields and many more in the guide booklets for adult education.

Many people like to try to learn something new in their free time. The wide range of offers from computer courses to foreign language classes provides options for almost every type of person. One can find information about these programs in the program guides from VHS, the EBW, the CBW or the «Kinderschutzbund».

The city swimming pool is at Dammstaße 28. One can easily get there by bike or bus. In winter there is an indoor swimming pool and in summer the out-door section has multiple swimming pools and offers all sorts of activities. There is a basketball court, volleyball field, water park, water slide and an area for small children. One can find more information about specific activities at under «Stadtbad».
The «Gretlmühle» is a very well liked lake with a non-swimmer area and an area with shallow water, as well as sunbathing and playing area and a playground for kids. Washrooms and changing rooms and a food stand are also available.
There is also a barbecuing area that can be used by everyone, but the whole area can only be used until 9:30 pm. On hot summer days the parking area (850 spaces) is usually very crowded, so it is a good idea to go there by bicycle.

One can go ice-skating at the ice arena from September to April. There are ice skates for hire. There is also a bowling alley in the same building.

There are two public libraries «Stadtbücherei» open for everyone. To borrow books, one needs a library card «Leserausweis» which one can get in the library. One has to bring the passport or ID card as well as the visa to show the present address. Children and youth under age need the permission of their parents. The charges are reasonable.
One can keep books and language courses for 4 weeks, any other kind of media (magazines, tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs) for 2 weeks.
If the borrowed item is not booked by somebody else, one can extend the time by phone or enquire by email or mail.
One can use the Internet in both libraries (Salzstadel and Weilerstraße) for a small fee. Youth between 12 and 18 need a written permission by their parents to do so.

Besides the museums, there are often exhibitions in the entrance area of the city hall, in the «Sparkasse» (a bank) and in many galleries. One can always read about new exhibitions in Landshut Aktuell or Wochenblatt.

Brochures on the program can be found in the city hall or the Verkehrsverein (tourist information). The the monthly program is also displayed in all city buses.
In fall and winter there are after-shopping-concerts on the organ in the St. Martins church free of charge.

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